Social Events and Meetings

Social Events and Meetings

Team building for structured events

Teams big or small recognise the importance of getting together for structured events. Whether this be the annual conference, strategy meetings or just an opportunity to meet colleagues and network.

To enhance delegate engagement or provide an element of fun, we can incorporate any of our activities into your wider event. We can also assist you with running your event with our meeting facilitation service.

Meeting facilitation service

Group Size: 3+
One or half day event

Get the most from your team meetings by using our meeting management service. Trained facilitators work with you on every aspect of your meeting; from planning the agenda to writing up the outputs.

Using our meetings tool kit, we will ensure you maximise your time together. We use lots of visual tools, which get everyone involved.

Our specialists can run the meeting, giving everyone in your team the opportunity to participate fully. We can also include fun ice breakers and games to keep energy levels up.

Our services include:

  • Problem solving
    Let us help you explore issues and resolve them.
  • Data capture and display
    From brain storming to histograms, we’ve got lots of ideas to help you work with data.
  • Prioritisation and consensus management
    Gives everyone the chance to express their views, and help make clear decisions.
  • Planning techniques
    Using tools and techniques to help you plan effectively and involving the whole team.

Meeting Facilitation

Murder Mystery

This event is a great addition to an evening dinner or after a conference where delegates can relax and become engaged in the action.

Productions we can offer two Cluedo themed murder mystery events: A Mind to Murder and Portrait of Death. We use actors to create an experiential version of the cluedo game. The guests will be playing Cluedo and responding to live action.

In associations with MORE!

Prior to the event each actor will have been given a full character reference but only the murderer will know who they are. All of the characters will then eat dinner and interact with guests responding to the events and conversation of the evening. At the end of the evening each table of guests will then have to vote on who they think the murderer is with the winning table receiving a small prize. In the event of no-one correctly identifying the murderer each table will be asked to justify their choice and a decision of who was the closest will be made.

Each game can be played with up to 100 diners.

Murder Mystery