Build Your Team

Build Your Team

Create an effective team

Whether you are a new or established team, our events will enable you to work better to be more effective and efficient. For each event, we work with you to establish your goals for the for the team moving forward.

Here are some of the events we can run for your team. However, this is not an exhaustive list; please speak to us if you want us to design a bespoke event.

The bid

Half day event
Group size: 10+

This event is involves the use of creative thinking, teamwork and problem solving. It also gives delegates the opportunity to think about vision, values and strategy.

The final bid presentation will be made to the committee, where prizes will be given for innovation and creativity.

The brief

To raise its profile, your city has decided to host its very own Olympic games. Your team has been asked to put in a bid to organise the event. You bid will be judged by the Olympic Games Committee.

  • You will be asked to:
  • Define the vision for the event
  • Design an opening ceremony
  • Choose the games, including one that would be unique to your city
  • Present your final bid.
The Bid

Sports day

Half day event
Group size: 20+

A trip down memory lane for most of us, it’s time to don those white plimsolls and take part in an old fashioned sports day. This event is based around encouraging supportive team work, and of course having some good old fashioned fun.

The event starts with the larger group being split into teams. Each team is given a name; these can be tailored to your requirements. Team members then decide which games they are going to compete in.

We can include alternative games of your choice, please ask.

The fun begins…

Games include:

  • The three legged race
  • Egg and spoon
  • Sack race
  • Running competition
  • Bean bag throwing
  • Wheel-barrow race
  • Hoop-la.

We can also do a themed version of sports day of your choice. Our office themed sports day includes:

  • ‘Get the coffees in’ race
  • Paper aeroplane throwing (at the boss)
  • Confidential waste sack racing
  • Office chair race
  • Championship stapling
  • Letter sealing competition.


Sports Day

Treasure hunt

Half day event
Group size: 8+

Can your team find the treasure? This half day event has been designed to exercise those problem solving and team working skills.

The teams will be solving clues along the way, and competing with each other to find the hidden treasure.

Tailored to your team

The treasure hunts can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team. We can add emphasis on communication, analytical skills, and achievement.

Clues don’t just have to be on bits of paper, we also have characters that can help teams with their quest.

Treasure Hunt can also be run as an evening event, after a conference or meeting.

Treasure Hunt

Save Yorkshire

Half day event
Group size: 6+

This event is designed to test problem solving, team working, leadership skills and time management.

The event can also be organised so different teams are competing against each other, adding a competitive elements.

Problem solving

The evil Red Rose Red Necks want to destroy Yorkshire. They have tried several times to destroy local businesses and close down Yorkshire towns, but have so far failed.

This time they are thinking big and targeting Leeds…

Your team is working against the clock, completing tasks and solving problems to save the city of Leeds.

Save Yorkshire